About Us


Southeast Carbon Works Inc. provides the decorative process Hydrographics, which can decorate any hard surface such as metals, plastics, glass, fiberglass, composites and any other material that isn’t going to be harmed by being immersed in water. We can make it look like an assortment of finishes, such as carbon fiber, granite, straight wood grain, brushed aluminum and more. Some industries that use this process are automotive, marine, aviation, home and hospitality architectural and hunting equipment!

Since we have a full automotive paint mixing system, you can have your parts done in any solid color of your choice, and even match any automotive paint code!

Southeast Carbon Works Inc. is one of the premier 3D Water Immersion Technology Specialist in the United States.

With many years of experience,Southeast Carbon Works Inc. has perfected the techniques and application of this specialized process, using only the best and most sophisticated materials and equipment available.

“3D Water Immersion Technology” derives from 3D printing it was originally designed for the marine industry because it enabled the interior of a boat to achieve a look that was cost effective and durable. As a result, many wood trims in boats these days such as those you see on steering wheels dashboards, linings, and so forth use “3D Water Immersion Technology” and because of this technique, not only was the look achieved. The tough clear coat finish provided protection from the harsh salt water environment. Therefore, instead of simple plastic parts, “3D Water Immersion Technology” enables boat companies all over the world to provide an affordable way to upgrade interior while maintaining superior durability.

Now, “3D Water Immersion Technology” is available to auto enthusiasts all over the world, transforming interior trims into a variety of looks from classic wood grains to the hi-tech carbon fiber. “3D Water Immersion Technology” offers over 50 different patters such as stone, marble, camouflage, and many more that’s bound to suit even the most demanding enthusiasts.

But 3D Water Immersion Technology is not limited to just boats and cars. This process is used in industries such as Avionics, Hunting, Eye Wear, Shoes, Computers, Home Furnishings, Hearing Aids, Splints, and many, many more products where the transforming of wood, plastic, metal, or glass is required.

Please feel free to contact us or email us if you have any questions or if you need parts transformed into a look and style that’s as unique as your personality.

Brief Company history:

Southeast Carbon Works Inc. started in a small garage.
As the company grew, we have moved twice into larger facilities to accommodate expanded product lines and new divisions within the company.
The present day building is 10,000 square feet and is home to the newest state of the art hydrographic printing (or Water Transfer Printing) facility.

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