What is Hydrographics?

Different options for Carbon Fiber

I hear this question a lot.  Hydrographics is a method of applying printed designs to three dimensional objects.  You may have heard it referred to as immersion printing, water transfer printing, cubic printing or hydro dipping.  You can apply this technique to practically and hard surface that isn’t going to be harmed by being immersed in water.  Designs are not limited to just a carbon fiber look either.  You can do granite, wood grain, camo, brushed aluminum and many other prints.  Hydrographics is popular is the automotive industry, marine, aviation, home, hospitality, architectural and hunting equipment.  The possibility’s are truly endless.

Here is what is involved when you purchase or send your pieces to Southeast Carbon Works for finishing:

  1. All parts are sanded down and smoothed out for any imperfections and are carefully inspected.
  2. We then prime the products to be ready to go to the paint booth.
  3. The next step is applying the PPG paint color of your choice or base color.
  4. The next step is to dip the product in the imersion tank to apply the carbon fiber film pattern.
  5. After the pattern is dry and baked on we then apply 3 coats of PPG clearcoat and polish to become a show stopping,deep, guaranteed long lasting finish.
All our products are finished by hand and painted using factory specs and manufacturer paint codes along with highest quality PPG products.  Our state of the art finishing department uses the highest quality PPG products which gives you the deepest luster in simulated carbon fiber.
Check out step by step pictures of the process here.
Remember the possibilities are endless…and we can help you make those dreams come true!!




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